Types of writing projects I can help you with:


  • Direct-response flyers - sent through the mail and specifically written to be responded to immediately. Work best if you have a compelling, time-limited offer. Wide distribution.

  • Sales letters - to target a specific audience. Work well for lead generation, appointment setting for a sales team or to introduce a new product or service.

  • Website content - written from scratch or a re-write of existing copy to increase response / effectiveness. If you don't already use a search engine optimisation (SEO) service I will undertake some basic keyword research. I will also write your meta descriptions, page titles etc. so that the major search engines can 'see' your content.

  • Newsletters - both on and offline. Written to engage your customers with useful and valuable content and to keep them loyal to you.

  • Articles - for trade magazines and newspapers. Can also be published online e.g. as a LinkedIn post.

  • Marketing and sales literature - written to explain what your company does, what products and services you sell and how you help your customers solve their problems. Examples: brochures, rack cards, sales sheets.

  • Editing and re-writing - if you have something written already that you're just not happy with or you feel could be improved, I'll edit it and re-write it. Then you can test the original copy against the new version to work out which works best.

  • Proof reading - every piece of writing I produce is always professionally proof read. Grammatical errors and typos are corrected so that your readers get the best possible impression of your company. We can also proof read any existing materials you have such as your company brochure or website.

There are a large number of other forms of business writing which are different from the more standard projects listed above. I can design a unique project which specifically addresses your needs. Below are two examples of some tailor-made projects I devised and implemented:

  • Lead generation targeting a specific industry - the project was broken down into a series of steps:

  1. Building a database of target clients, 'cleaning' the database to remove any unsuitable companies and working out the best person to contact in each company

  2. Writing a sales letter, which was posted to a specific person in each target company

  3. Following up the sales letter with a phone call to each contact to book a meeting

  4. Debriefing to record any additional information about each company and to assess the results of the face-to-face meetings

  5. All relevant information transferred to the original database and a second 'cleaning' of the database was conducted

Once the project was completed the database was given to the client for future use. Due to the excellent results this project generated it was repeated each year for five years.

  • Podcast content - the client wanted to make better use of the podcast content. As the podcast was quite long it was felt that the information needed to be condensed. The client also wanted to find a way to use the content in different formats. Again, the project was broken down into a number of steps:

  1. I wrote a full, word-for-word transcription of the podcast

  2. The podcast content was condensed into a 500-word 'executive summary' posted on the podcast website

  3. Key information from the podcast was broken down into shorter pieces and used as blog and social media posts

Below are some examples of my work:

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