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Looking back, I suppose it was inevitable that my career would revolve around words...

I was born just outside Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire in the U.K. You may have heard of a fellow by the name of William Shakespeare who hailed from the same town. Not that I'm claiming to be in Mr Shakespeare's league but, words and writing have always fascinated me. I'm sure they fascinated him, too. Maybe it's something in the water around those parts...

My love affair with words really began when I learned how to read. Once I'd mastered that, the die was cast and books and writing became central to my life. Growing up, I was a voracious reader and the habit has never left me. I didn't realise it at the time but a massive amounts of reading is essential training for a copywriter.

Growing up

My parents moved around the U.K. a fair bit while I was growing up. We also lived in Geneva, Switzerland for several years. This meant several changes of schools. As a kid, it's hard to adapt to new environments and make new friends. But it does have one great advantage. It teaches you how to get on with a huge variety of people from different backgrounds and to connect with them.


When I was at the International School of Geneva, there were 57 different nationalities represented. Having to connect with so many different people taught me a lot about communicating. Another key skill for a copywriter.

I finished my education at boarding school in England, followed by university in London.

Once I'd finished my studies it was on to work. After trying a few different jobs I settled into the print and publishing industry, first on the production side and then moving into sales and marketing.

New Zealand calling...

In 2006 the opportunity to travel presented itself once more and, given my history, I could not resist. I gave the best sales pitch of my life to my wife, Lesley, and we were off to the other side of the world.

"Hey, Giles, we need to send out a flyer through the mail; can you write us one?"

My boss said these fateful words to me over 8 years ago. Of course, I said "Yes, no problem, I'll write it."

At that precise moment my career as a copywriter began.

In those early days, the copy I was writing wasn't that great. But over time I studied the art and the craft of writing copy that connects with people and persuades them to buy. I was also able to test my writing in the best way possible - in the marketplace. Testing your copywriting in the marketplace is tough but fair. There's nowhere to hide, but you learn fast. The market tells you straight away if what you've written is good or bad. The phone either rings or it doesn't. 

So, I listened to what the market was telling me and the results began to improve. By 9.00am on the day the flyers were delivered the phone would ring with the first order. I can't tell what a thrill this was for me, the writer of the flyer.

The more success we had with our promotions the more I wanted to write. It was addictive.


This desire led me to take a leap of faith and start 'Business Writing Services' in 2017.

My aim in starting the company was to take the burden of business writing away from business owners. I can't imagine anything worse than having to write something if you hate to write. It wastes huge amounts of your time and causes frustration and unnecessary stress. 

Let me take all that away from you, right now...